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John Louis Quinn, M.I.D.


Lieutenant-Commander, O-60710, RCN


Born: 25 Jun 1923, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan


Died: 02 Oct 1952 at sea


Book of Remembrance


QUINN, John Louis, LCdr, O-60710, RCN, killed - 02 Oct 1952, HMCS IROQUOIS - Son of Colonel H.J. Quinn MM and Rosa Quinn of Regina, SK; husband of Grace Lillian (Merrill) Quinn of Armdale, NS; father of Charles Patrick Quinn of Armdale, NS; brother of Patricia Mary Quinn.


Awards and Decorations: 1939-45 Star, France and Germany Star, Canadian Volunteer Service Medal and Clasp, War Medal 1939-45, Naval General Service Medal plus Palestine Clasp 1945-48, United Nations Service Medal (Korea) and the Korea Medal, Mentioned in Despatches.


Mentioned in Despatches citation: Quinn, John Louis, LCdr, RCN, Mentioned in Despatches (M.I.D.) Posthumous, HMCS IROQUOIS - Canadian Gazette 13 Jun 1953:  "Throughout the whole period of Korean operations, until his death in action, he set a fine example of leadership in his quarters. His devotion to duty, courage and cheerfulness at all times were an inspiration to the gun crews he commanded."



Lt.-Cmdr. John Quinn Killed in Korea War

Lt.-Cmdr John Louis Quinn, 29, of the Canadian destroyer Iroquois, was killed in action in Korean waters Thursday night.

His parents, Col. and Mrs. H.J. Quinn, 414 Balfour apartments, were notified of his death by naval headquarters, Ottawa.

His ship was hit by enemy shore guns.

"Jack" Quinn, as he was familiarly known in Regina, was born in Moose Jaw. Shortly after the Quinn family moved to Regina and Jack was educated at Connaught public school, Central and Scott collegiates. He then entered the University of Saskatchewan and started an engineering course. He left the university in 1942 and enlisted as a midshipman at H.M.C.S. Queen, Regina, in June, 1942. He later went to King's college, Halifax and from there went overseas. He served with the motor torpedo boat squadron in the English channel and came back to Regina in 1944.

When the war with Japan ended, he was attached to the Royal Navy, and served for one year as first lieutenant on H.M.S. Talybent at Haifa, Palistine. Later he went to the aircraft carrier TRIUMPH based at Malta, and it later formed part of an escort when the Royal family returned from its visit to South Africa.

On completion of service with the Royal Navy, he returned to Canada and was posted as staff officer at Prince Rupert, B.C.

At Prince Rupert in 1948 he married Grace Merrill of Ottawa, an officer in the Wrens. In the spring of 1949 he was made C.O. of the "Bytown" headquarters establishment at Ottawa. From September, 1950, to September, 1951, he took a "brush up" course at H.M.C.S. Cornwallis, Halifax, and from there was posted to sea duty with H.M.C.S. Iroquois. This ship was recommissioned for duty in Korean waters in October, 1951, and in the spring of 1952 Lt.-Cmdr. Quinn went to Korea, being promoted in June, 1952.

Lt. Cmdr. Quinn is survived by his widow and one son, Charles Patrick, at Halifax; his parents, and a sister, Patricia M. Quinn, at home. (Regina Leader-Post 03 Oct 1952)




Ships served in:

REGINA DIVISION RCNVR (HMCS QUEEN) - Attached to Queen as a Prob. Midshipman, RCNVR (Navy List Apr 1942)

HMCS QUEEN - Appointed to QUEEN 25 May 1942 as a Prob. SLt, RCNVR (Navy List Sep 1942)

HMCS NIOBE - Appointed to NIOBE, For Disposal,  as a SLt, RCNVR (seniority 25 Jun 1942) (Navy List Aug 1943 / Oct 1943). Appointed A/Lt, RCNVR 15 Jan 1944) (Navy List Feb 1944)

CANADIAN LCI(L) FLOTILLA - Appointed to Canadian LCI(L) Flotilla 12 Apr 1944 as a A/Lt, RCNVR (Navy List May 1944) (Cancelled - see appointment date to MTB Flotilla)

MTB FLOTILLA - Appointed to MTB Flotilla 12 Apr 1944 as an A/Lt, RCNVR (Navy List Jul 1944)

MTB 745 - Served in MTB 745  (re: family records/naval memorabilia)

HMCS WASAGA - Appointed to WASAGA an an A/Lt, RCNVR (Navy List Sep 1944/Jan 1945)

HMCS ARROWHEAD - Served in ARROWHEAD (re: family records/naval memorabilia)

HMCS ORILLIA - Appointed to ORILLIA an an A/Lt, RCNVR (Navy List Mar 1945/May 1945). Served in Orillia 02 Feb 1945 - 27 Jun 1945 (re: family records/naval memorabilia)

ROYAL NAVY - Serving or Training with the RN from 15 Jan 1946 as a Lt, RCN (seniority 25 Jun 1944) (Navy List Apr 1946/Jul 1947)

HMS TALYBONT - Served in TALYBONT Jul 1946 - 24 Feb 1957 as a Lt, RCN (re: family records/naval memorabilia)

HMS TRIUMPH - Served in TRIUMPH 25 Feb 1945 - 07 Jul 1947 (re: family records/naval memorabilia)

HMCS CHATHAM (PRINCE RUPERT NAVAL DIVISION) - Appointed to Chatham 12 Nov 1947 as a Lt, RCN, Staff Officer (Navy List Jan 1948).  Served in Chatham 17 Nov 1947 - 14 Feb 1949  (re: family records/naval memorabilia)

HMCS BYTOWN (Depot ship for NSHQ personnel and personnel on detached duty) - Appointed to Bytown 21 Feb 1949 as a Lt, RCN, Commanding Officer (Navy List Jul 1949)

RCN BARRACKS HALIFAX - Appointed to RCN BARRACKS HALIFAX, 3rd J.O.T.L.C. Course 17 Sep 1950 as a Lt, RCN (Navy List Jan 1951)

HMCS IROQUOIS - Appointed to IROQUOIS 25 Oct 1951 as a Lt, RCN (Navy List Apr 1952).  Appointed LCdr, RCN (seniority 25 Jun 1952) (Navy List Jul 1952)

* OBITUARY (Officers whose deaths have been reported since 30th Jun 1952) - Quinn, LCdr, RCN, Discharged "Dead" 02 Oct 1952 (Navy List Jan 1953)





(JQ01) Article from the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix on the MTB crews and Lt John Quinn  (JQ02) John Quinn's lighter which shows the ships that he served in during WW2  










The Royal Family visits HMS TRIUMPH - 1947


(JQ04) Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is piped aboard HMS TRIUMPH  (JQ05) Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret are piped aboard HMS TRIUMPH  (JQ06) The CO of HMS TRIUMPH with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Princesses Margaret and Elizabeth  (JQ07) Unidentified offer on HMS TRIUMPH greeting Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth  (JQ08) Royal Marine Guard walking alongside Queen Elizabeth; the CO of HMS TRIUMPH walking beside Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret 





(JQ09) Queen Elizabeth, Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret inspect the ship's company of HMCS TRIUMPH. The Battleship HMS VANGUARD in the background  (JQ10) Queen Elizabeth is reviewing officer for the march past of the ship's company of HMS TRIUMPH. Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret on the reviewing stand behind the Queen  (JQ11) Crew of HMS VANGUARD manning the side for sail past with HMS TRIUMPH. Note the size of the 15-inch gun turrets compared to the sailors on deck.


(JQ12) Royal Visit complete, the crew of HMS TRIUMPH salute the Royal Family aboard HMS VANGUARD as the ships part ways.  Note the Royal Standard being flown atop the after mast of HMS VANGUARD








(JQ13) Sailors on HMCS IROQUOIS  (JQ14) Boats crew of HMCS IROQUOIS  (JQ15) Officers of HMCS IROQUOIS






(JQ16) Article from the Nov 1952 issue of the  Crowsnest Magazine  (JQ17-JQ18) Article from the Dec 1952 issue of the Crowsnest Magazine













(JQ19-JQ27) HMCS IROQUOIS during a gunnery exercise with the USN and a port visit to Norfolk, VA while enroute to Korea for her 1st tour - circa Apr 1952


Note: These photos were sent to LCdr John Quinn's widow by then Cdr William (Bill) Landymore after LCdr Quinn died on 02 Oct 1952.  It is possible that some of the gun crew in the photos are those that were either killed or injured that day off the Korean penninsula.








(JQ28-JQ31) Letter to Grace Gillard from RAdm William (Bill) Landymore, RCN, ret'd - dated 09 Nov 1983


When John Quinn and 2 other crew of HMCS IROQUOIS were killed on 02 Oct 1952, HMCS IROQUOIS was at sea on patrol off the Korean coast. The injured and dead were transferred to a USN ship to be taken ashore and the burial of the 3 IROQUOIS crew took place while IROQUOIS was still at sea. Then Cdr William (Bill) Landymore was CO of IROQUOIS. He never had a chance to visit the cemetery where the IROQUOIS dead were buried prior to his departure from the Korean theatre.  A little over 30 year later, he made a pilgrimage to Korea to do just that and after the visit to the cemetery he penned a letter to Grace Gillard about his visit to her first husband's grave.



Monument to sailors of the RCN who died is service during the Korean War located at the Naval Museum of Calgary at HMCS TECUMSEH

Korean War Wall of Remembrance

Brampton, Ontario


The Korea Veterans Association of Canada erected a Wall of Remembrance to the 516 Canadians who are commemorated in the Korean War Book of Remembrance.


Article on HMCS IROQUOIS'S casualties



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