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Glen Morris




Glen was 18 years old when he enlisted for service in the Second World War.  He was given the choice of Tail-gunner on Lancsters or a Ship's Cook.  He chose ship's cook.  The ships cook wore a uniform similar to the Petty Officer's / Officer's uniform. As a ship's cook he also was part of those responsible for handing out the rum ration each day.  


Prior to joining Glen had never cooked.  Once time on ship, he was cooking dehydrated peas he thought it did not look like enough peas so he put more in the vat and soon it was like Niagara falls of peas overflowing from the vat.  To get rid of them, he took some buckets and threw the peas out the galley's port hole ... right into the captain's face.


One of the many practical jokes - they used to steal each others mick-sticks (the sticks in each end of your hammock) so you couldn't get in to your mick. 


Sailors being a rather ingenious lot, found that after the rum barrels were empty, they could put mashed potatoes in the rum barrels to soak up the rum then eat them later.


As of March 2020, Glen Morris is alive and well at the age of 95 years young - and still driving his own vehicle.


Ships served in:


HMCS MILLTOWN - Glen is listed on Miilltown's nominal roll for for 21 Jul 1945 as a Ck(S)






(GM01) Portrait of Glen Morris  (GM02) Glen (right) and shipmate showing off a flying fish that landed on HMCS LONG BRANCH  (GM03) Glen (right) and shipmate with machine guns on HMCS LONG BRANCH  (GM04) HMCS LONG BRANCH



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