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Jean Paul Raymond Corbeil


Clearance Diver, RCN


A/SLt, RCN(R) / C.A.F. (Naval Reserves)


Born: Jan 1935          Died: Sep 1990


CORBEIL, Jean Paul Raymond - Died in a motor vehicle accident . Raymond Joined the Royal Canadian Navy (1955-60) as a diver and served in the tender HMCS Granby at age 19, eventually working out of Halifax where he met his future wife Juliet Poirier (1938-95). He also served in the RCN(R) / C.A.F. (Naval Reserve) (1960-72) as an A/SLt and cadet instructor for the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet core in Rawdon, Quebec. He initially worked in the 60s as a commercial diver with Martin Kiley Marine taking advantage of his training in the RCN. He later moved into business and sales traveling all over Eastern Canada and living in Montreal. He died in a motor vehicle accident in Sep 1990. Raymond had three children: daughter Raymonde, sons Marc and Normand. His passion for diving lives on with his grandchildren, Tim and Kristy.


Ships served in:

HMCS GRANBY - Served in Granby in the mid-late 1950s.



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