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From the collection John Mark Cooper

RCN photo Negative # HS1381-1

Courtesy of David Barlow

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Note:  The crew photo, counting the ship's mascot has 84 entries, however, the list of names that goes with the crew photo only has 79 names (see link below) - including the ship's mascot.  Two missing names were added after the sailors were identified by family - which leaves 3 unknown sailors.  Using the positions of a few that were positively identified by family, along with rank, rate and trades that are visible, the names were assigned as I believed correct.  If I've misidentified as sailor - please send me an email so I can make the correction.


Names in blue were identified by family members.


Click here to view the pdf file that has the crew photo with names typed on the bottom


1st Row:  (1) Cooper, John Mark, CPO  (2) Balton, CPO  (3) Upton, CPO  (4) Gardiner, D.C., Lt  (5) Kell, J.D., LT  (6) Faulds, J.R., Lt, XO  (7) Moore, J.D., Lt, CO  (8) Hastings, T.R., Lt  (9) Grant, J., Lt  (10) Stan, W.M., Lt  (11) Levesque, CPO  (12) Ripley, CPO  (13) Smyth, PO


Absent:  Ramsay, E.D., Lt


2nd Row: (15) Kennedy, PO  (16) Neville, Sto PO  (17) Jones, AB  (18) Perry, LS  (19) D'Amour, AB  (20) Reid, L/Sto  (21) Mascot Nelson  (22) Treen, LS  (23) Grandy, LS  (24) Sheppard, Charlie (Nem)  (25) Désormeaux, Sylvia, Sto  (26) Jameson, PO  (27) Nicholson, Sto PO  (28) Zayachkowsky, Sto


3nd Row:  (14) Collins, L/Stwd  (29) Allen, Raymond Patrick, SBA  (30) Lussier, L/SA  (31) Leigh, Sig (32) Walker, AB  (33) Breslow, L/Coder  (37) O'Connell, AB  (38) Barron, Coder (39) McCart, Arthur, H.  (40) Sandison, Tel  (41) Huxley, George Ambrose, L/Sig  (42) Neufieuld, AB  (43) Service, AB  (44) Gilroy, John Robert, Sig  (45) Fellows, Tel  (46) Olsen, Sto  (47) Bugler, Stwd  (48) Mackenzie, L/Ck  (49) Measure, Ck


4th Row:  (34) McCallum, Sto  (35) Herohl, Tel  (36) Balfour, Sto  


5th Row:  (50) Beach, Sto  (51) Palmer, Sto  (52) McNee, AB  (53) McMasters AB  (54) Levis, AB  (55) Hatt-Cook, AB  (56) Daniher, AB  (57) Pelly, AB  (58) Peters, AB  (59) Drader, AB  (60) Edmonson  (61) Craig (W), AB  (62) Unknown  (63) Braithwaite, Sig  (64) Morrison, Tel  (65) Grant, Sig  (66) Humphries, Sto  (67) Greenaway, AB  (68) Cowie, AB  (69) Hauka, R.A.  (70) Phendler, L/Wtr


Top Row: (71) Curran, AB  (72) Rollett)  (73) Cowdry, AB  (74) Smith, AB  (75) Currie, AB  (76) Matheson, Sto  (77) Alford, Malcolm L.  (78) Byron, Coder  (79) Brown, AB  (80) Petts, AB  (81) Shanahan, AB  (82) Unknown  (83) McKague  (84) unknown




Seaman Branch

From the collection of Malcolm L. Alford, AB

Courtesy of Glenn Alford

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(1) Alford, Malcolm L., AB


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