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HMCS SIOUX R64 / 225

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HMCS Sioux R64 - Circa 1945. Place unknown

This is possibly the last wartime ship's company photo of HMCS Sioux

From the collection of William Brown

Courtesy of James Brown

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(50) Nicolson, Colin Murdo  (81) Campbell, Henry Bullion (Harry), SD




Officers of HMCS Sioux R64

From the collection of Douglas Ford

Courtesy of J.D. Ford


Front Row: (1)  Midshipman Glendenning


2nd Row: (2) Turcot, Marc Marie Rene, Torpedo Officer  (3) Wall, Thomas William, Lt, Signals Officer  (4) Bruce, Douglas Ian Wallace, 1st Lt

(5) Boak, Eric Eversley Garratt, LCdr, DSC, CO  (6) Robinson, Thomas Bertie, LT (E)  (7)  Miller, Robert Donald, Surg-Lt.


3rd Row:  (8) Lawrence, Harold Ernest Thomas, Lt, DSC, H.A. Control  (9) Young, John  (10) James, Ralph, Signals, W/T Officer  (11) Gentles, Roy Allan, A/S Officer

(12) McEntyre, Peter Michael, NavO  (13) Ford, Douglas John, Lt, Gunnery Officer


Rear Row:  (14) Rounthwaite, Francis John, Lt  (15) Rigg, David Edward, Gnr (T)  (16) Raeburn, William John, Lt, Paymaster




HMCS Sioux Supply Branch 1955

From the collection of Joe Tanner

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

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HMCS SIOUX 225, Hong Kong 1955

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From the collection of Joe tanner

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny


Note: due to space limitations, the numbering in the upper portion of the photo, on the gun mounts and in front of the bridge, was abbreviated - numbers in that area that read in the 40 thru 80 are 140 thru 180 


(26) Smelser, Cedric O. (possibly)


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