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HMCS CORMORANT 20 - 07 Jul 1995

From the collection Laurent Thibault

Courtesy of Lewis Thibault


Photo was taken on 7 July 1995, by Emory Kristoff of the National Geographic Society, in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, just after CORMORANT finished participating in the recovery of the bell from the wreak of the EDMUND FITZGERALD. The same photo is on the cover of the Spring 1996 SHIPWRECK JOURNAL, The Journal of the Great Lakes Historical Society, (Volume 13/Number 1). The Journal identifies the crew in the photo by row number.


Photo caption from "Shipwreck Journal"


Webmaster's note: The names listed below are as per the "Shipwreck Journal" - where identified, numbers have been placed by the names corresponding with the numbering on the photo.


Front: (2) Logan, PO1  (3) Miller, OS  (1) Daniels, Cpl  (18) Bilodeau, CPO2


2nd Row: Cochrane, MS; Campagna, LS; Anderson, MS; Fleet, MS; Hulsizer, CWO2 (USN); Shannon, LS


3rd Row: (7) Caron, PO2  (20) Carpenter, PO2; (8) Pellerine, Sgt  (9) Reilly, PO2; (10) Gwalchmai, LCdr  (11) Creber, LCdr, CO (12) Gundersen, LCdr  (13) Giles, LS  (16) Mills, LS


4th Row: Wilkins, PO2; Maccara, MS; VanRoessel, LS; Paul, WO; Sheffar, LS; Lomas, LS; Cluett, LS; Marlow, LS; Gunn, Lt (N); Freidrich, Lt (N); O'Keefe, Slt; Gofton, CPO2; Genge, LS; LaBelle, AB


5th Row: Jones, PO2; Elliott, PO2; Sutherland, LS; Hillier, Lt (N); Temple, Lt (N); ElBourne, Lt (N); Richards, Slt; Pitchuk, LS; Macisaac, PO2


6th Row: (43) Griffin, Cpl  (44) Sooley, MS; O'Neill, MS; Matthews, LS; MacEachern, MS  (53) Falldien, LS  (54) Semple, OS


7th Row: Leger, LS; Weir, MS; McNeil, MCpl; Vemb, MS; Pelletier, LS; Dreimanis, Lt (N); Tardieu, LS


8th Row: Bradt, LS; Thibault, LS; Odriscoll, LS; Frazier, PO1; Byrnes, LS; Tromblay, MS


9th Row: McKay, Cpl; Evans, LS; MacDonald, LS


10th Row: Tremblay, LS; Atkinson, PO2; Wolfe, PO2; Nowacki, PO2


Back Row: (69) Kelly, LS  (70) Sawler, PO2  (72) Cox, MS  (75) Maynard, LS




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