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The bell for HMCS OJIBWA is on display at the Naval Museum of Halifax


Names as they are engraved on the Ojibwa's bell

Fionna Leigh Hannington 17-4-71

Mark Ashley Ralph 28-11-71

Robert Douglas Ralph 28-11-71

Jon David Lake 13-1-73  *

Adam Duanne Schweyer 9-4-78

James Drew McCulley 16-10-77

Paige Aster MacIntosh 18-8-89

Jeffrey Li Tremblett 21-2-98

Lisa Lynn Howell 29-9-65

Jennifer Claire Tomlinson 6-11-66

Tracey Lee Howell 10-9-67

Ciegh Rosalind Aspin 19-12-65

Jennifer Anne Jones 19-7-70

Douglas V.N. Stoakley 26-7-70

Gilles Joseph Allard 27-12-70

Craig John Lewis 27-12-70

James M. Gordon 17-8-69

Robert F. Downe 17-8-69

* The name engraved on the bell is incorrect and should read Ian David Lake


The bell was photographed and transcribed by Brian Lapierre, C2ET, RCN / C.A.F., ret'd and a volunteer at the Naval Museum of Halifax.



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