Odds and Sods


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(O&S001) Recruiting ad for Cooks, Stewards and Boy Stewards. The Toronto Telegram 1917

(O&S002) Canada's Greatest Navy - Dedicated to the men who wore the uniform of the RCN in the Second World War 1939-1946

(O&S003) Card given to lookouts on ships during WW 2.  From the collection of William Connor.  Courtesy of Jason Salter

(O&S004) A Navy, Air Force and Army Insignia guide.  The spin wheel, allows the holder to change the sleeve rank of the Sailor and compare with the other two services for equivalency, as well as the name of the rank in the red window display - with various trade badges for each element on the sides.  Courtesy of Ted Orlowski

(O&S005) Duties and Responsibilities of Chief Petty Officers and Petty Officers.  Courtesy of Steve Hlasny








(O&S006) Memories of days gone by - Bar hours for the mess.  Courtesy of Daryl Skaalrud

(O&S007) Pussers Corner, Victoria, BC, 1948 - "Anyone who took New Entry Training at Naden in that era or who were stationed on West Coast ships will remember Cunningham Drugstore. That was the reference point for anyone meeting up in downtown Victoria".  Courtesy of Francis Dowdall

(O&S008) Olympic Gardens, Halifax, 1954 - It was July/August 1954 and I had just returned to Halifax from a Gunnery deployment to Bermuda, aboard Micmac DDE 214. The day after I was in Stadacona, awaiting a draft ashore, and as luck would have it, duty watch, Shore Patrol. A USN fleet carrier was in, believe it was Bennington CV 20, and the town was jumping. Olympic Gardens was packed with matelots, USN and RCN. It was a brutally hot day and the beer was flowing. We had seven or eight Hands in wagon, a few of them from Micmac. One of them tossed his cookies; the remainder pleaded to have the door open for air. I was the Leading Hand of the patrol and opened the door. Wham the door was kicked wide open and three or four scampered from the scene, never to return. The P1 in charged was good about it and let it go.  Courtesy of Gerald Sullivan

(O&S009) The prelude to action is the work of the Engine Room Department - Admiral Jellicoe.  This plaque is found onboard all RCN ships in or near the Engineering spaces.

(O&S010) Naval Service of Canada Recruiting Poster








(O&S011) Wartime Ad - War Alcohol Plays Its Part. Source: Canada's War at Sea - published Montreal 1944

(O&S012) Wartime Ad - Gourock Ropes and Canvas.  Source: Canada's War at Sea - published Montreal 1944

(O&S013) How does a minesweeper destroy mines?  Source: Canada's War at Sea - published Montreal 1944

(O&S014) On Duty with the invasion fleets!  Ad for Murphy Marine Paints.  Source: Canada's War at Sea - published Montreal 1944

(O&S015) A Naval Order about wearing non-approved cap ribbons.  Courtesy of Erling Baldorf








(O&S016) Cadbury's ad during WW II from the Okotoks Review, Okotoks, Alberta.  Courtesy of Anne Gafiuk

(O&S017) Colgate ad during WW II from the Okotoks Review, Okotoks, Alberta.  Courtesy of Anne Gafiuk

(O&S018) Tender notice for the sale of 39 frigates in 1946.  Courtesy of Doug Benson

(O&S019) A Correctly Dressed Rating

(O&S020) RCN Armament Depot jacket Patch.  Courtesy of Hugh Muir





(O&S021) Menu from the Convoy Inn, Halifax, NS.  From the collection of AB Daniel L. Dunbar, RCNVR.  Courtesy of Dan J. Dunbar






(O&S022) Second World War Communication Training Aides for Morse Code, Semaphore and Flashing Light.  Courtesy of Ted Orlowski








(O&S023) The Convoy Signalman - by Convoy Yeoman R. Collins.  Crow's Nest newspaper - May 1944

(O&S024) Laws of the Navy.  Courtesy of Dean Lang

(O&S025) Poem - Silver Shackles.  Author unknown.  Courtesy of James Jenson

(O&S026) A sample of a Crossing the Line certificate - one of many different ones used.  Courtesy of Robert DeWolfe

(O&S027) Twelve sketches by artist Percy Beer on various naval scenes (pdf file)



Ashore in Naples

Christmas tree coming aboard

Mail at sea

Naval party (Banyan)


Shore leave

Up Spirits


(O&S028) Paintings created for Lamb's Rum.  From the collection of Garnet Laredo Knight, LS, RCN.  Courtesy of Garnet Knight III








(O&S029) British Sailors Relief Fund Ad.  The Picton Gazette, 06 Dec 1917.  Source: Prince Edward County Archives Microfilm collection.  Researched and complied by: John Lyons 2016

(O&S030) Recruiting ad from the Halifax Chronicle-Herald - 1954. Courtesy of George Newbury

(O&S031) Recruiting ad from the Halifax Chronicle-Herald - 1954. Courtesy of George Newbury

(O&S032) RCN recruiting poster - 1958

(O&S033) Collection of matchbook covers.  Courtesy of Steve Hlasny







(O&S034) Photo postcard of a Royal Navy warship on the Brad D'Or Lakes.  Courtesy of Peter German.  Webmaster's note:  The ship appears to be a First World War design Flower Class Sloop.  Postcard estimated to be between 1926 and 1932.

(O&S035) Photo postcard of warships in Sydney Harbour, NS.  Courtesy of Peter German.  Webmaster's note:  If my identification of the ships is correct, the one on the left appears to be a French Linois Class cruiser and the two on the right Dupleix Class armoured cruisers.  This would put the postcard between 1903 and 1917.



Legendary Establishments in Foreign Ports




(O&S036) The Texas Bar, Lisboa, Portugal.  A landmark to many sailors - They used to kick everybody out at 0600, clean up the place, and it opened 15 minutes later.  Courtesy of Mike Aris

(O&S037) The Black Angus Night Club, San Juan, Puerto Rico