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William Raymond Mortimer


Wireless Telegraph Operator 3rd Class, OFF VR-31, RNCVR


Born: 11 May 1899, Assiginak, Manitoulin, Ontario


Died: c1995


Son of George and Parasadia (née Smith) Mortimer. He married Lydia Myrtle Mccullough on 29 October 1919, in Ottawa, Ontario.  Lydia died in 1941.


William's brother, Ernest George Smith Mortimer, 2nd Lt, RAF was killed in action 03 Apr 1918.


Ships served in:

HMCS NIOBE - Additional for Cape Sable W/T Station as a Wireless Operator (Learner), RCNVR (seniority 17 Oct 1916) (Navy List Jan 1917)

* Appointed W. Op. 3rd Class (seniority 18 Oct 1917) (Navy List Dec 1917)

HMCS NIOBE - Appointed to NIOBE 18 Oct 1917 as a W. Op 3c (Navy List Jul 1918)

HMCS GIVENCHY - Appointed to GIVENCHY 13 Jun 1918 as a W. Op 3c, RNCVR (Navy List Sep 1918)

HMCS STADACONA - Appointed to STADACONA 01 Feb 1919 as a W. Op. 4c, RNCVR (Navy List Mar/Apr/May/Jul 1919). The seniority list for this entry show him as a W. Op 3c, but the entry for HMCS STADACONA for the 4 issues noted lists him as a W. Op. 4c.

* No entries found after Jul 1919


Source: Our Heroes in the Great War

by J. H. DeWolfe, N.J. Gareau, S. Goldstein

Copyright, Canada 1919

University of Calgary Digital Collection



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