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David Ross


Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class, Supply Technician, Ship's Diver


C.A.F. (Navy)  /  C.A.F. (PRes Navy)


I joined the C.A.F. (Navy) as a Sup Tech in June 1970 in Hamilton, Ontario. I retired from the Reg Force in Esquimalt BC in 2007, then retired from the Reserves in March of 2010 after 3 years full time service for a total of 37.5 wonderful educational years serving my country.


The most important thing I learned - NEVER be late. I was late once, because my car broke down, and never again.


During my time in I served 16 years on 7 ships, as a logistician; earned 6 medals; and sailed around the world.


My most notable accomplishment - I saved a Life in 2021


Ready Aye Ready


Ships served in:

CFRS CORNWALLIS - Basic training

CFB BORDEN - Trades trainings as a Sup Tech 00168

CFB COLD LAKE - First posted after trades training to CFB Cold Lake, AB in Jan 1971. I lasted there 6 months before I called in a favour from a relative in a high position at NDHQ Ottawa to get me out of Cold Lake  as I asked to go to sea. They laughed at me when I asked where are our "Ships". The base Chief had some choice words for me over that stunt.

HMCS ATHABASKAN - Commissioning crew in Jul 1971.  Served in ATHABASKAN for 2 years

CFB SHEARWATER - Served in SHEARWATER for 1 year

CFS BERMUDA - Served in Bermuda for 2 years


HMCS ANNAPOLIS - Posted to ANNAPOLIS in 1978. Served in her for 2 years

1 CFSD Toronto for 2 years
HMCS SAGUENAY - for 2 years.  I was not happy there and almost quit the navy.
CFS BARRINGTON, NS - Posted to BARRINGTON  in 1984.  Served there for 2 years
HMCS YUKON - Served in YUKON for 3 years in Training Squadron
CFQAR det GMDD (General Motors Diesel Division London, ON) and Diemaco, Waterloo, On. where our C7 rifles were made.
HMCS CALGARY - Commissioning Crew.  Served in CALGARY for 3 years including a deployment for Operation Sharp Guard (NATO deployment during the Balkans war)
CFB BORDEN Base Supply for 4 years
CFB ESQUIMALT to wait for a ship heading off to the Middle East after the 9/11 attacks

HMCS HURON - Served in HURON for 1 year and was promoted to CPO2
HMCS WINNIPEG - Served in WINNIPEG Jun 2003 - Aug 2005 which included Op ALTAIR deployment





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