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HMCS  Woodstock K238

From the collection Robert Bartlett

Courtesy of Lloyd Bartlett

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(1) Murdy, L., AB  (2) Park, R., Sto1  (3) Dokupil, A., Sto1  (4) Laursson, J., Sto1  (5) Thayer, G., LS  (6) Wood, V., PO  (7) Willimont, A., L/R.M.  (8) Clayden, R., LS


(9) Kirby, G., Coder  (10) Cunningham, J., Sig  (11) Benini, L., Tel  (12) Dondaneau, L/Sto  (13) Williams, P., AB  (14) Oxford, H., PO  (15) James, K., CPO  (16) MacIntyre, J.F., Lt  (17) Smith, F.C., Ch Skpr  (18) Gagnon, M., Lt, XO  (19) Watson, J.M., CommO  (20) Smibert, J.M., Lt  (21) Dobson, T.S., Slt  (22) Elliott, A., CERA  (23) Brickles, A., Sto PO  (24) McLeod, A., Sto PO  (25) Richards, D., ERA  (26) Thayer, F., ERA  (27) Drouin, G., Cook  (28) Durdle, G., AB


(29) Egleston, J., Sto2  (30) Cousineau, A., Sto1  (31) Groombridge, R., Sto1  (32) Latham, J., AB  (33) Leathem, K., Tel  (34) Ryan, G., AB  (35) Denman, R., OS  (36) Carrier, J., AB  (37) Potts, W., AB  (38) Livingston, R., AB  (39) Coleman, W., AB  (40) Elvins, F., AB  (41) Akey, H., AB  (42) Scott, K., AB  (43) Linecar, H., SBA  (44) McCubbrey, D., ERA  (45) Shewchuck, J., Sto PO  (46) MacLachlan, D., AB


(47) Poirier, E., AB  (48) Mason, R., Sto1  (49) Turcot, J., AB  (50) Vanevery, AB  (51) Kooker, G., AB  (52) Rowe, L., AB  (53) Campbell, C., Sto PO  (54) Foster, H., AB  (55) Latimer, G., L/Sig  (56) Jones, G., OS  (57) Knowlton, D., AB  (58) Matson, L., Coder  (59) unknown, Tel  (60) Osburn, G., AB  (61) Clarke, C., AB  (62) Ward, J., OS  (63) McGinnis, G., AB  (64) Morton, E., Coder


(65) Letterick, K., OS  (66) Bartlett, R., AB  (67) Proulx, R., AB  (68) Patterson, W., Sto1  (69) Koster, I., VA  (70) Cook, C., AB  (71) Jackson, A., PO  (72) Lindahl, A., AB  (73) Hudgin, D., PO  (74) Bouvier, T., Sig  (75) McLaughlin, CK  (76) Fitzgibbon, D., OS  (77) Roberts, E., AB  (78), Larue, P., Sto1


(79) Auton, A., Stwd  (80) Stoutenburg, G., Sig  (81) Haggett, B., Stwd




HMCS Woodstock K238

Source: Obituary for Kenneth Grant Stewart


Kenneth Stewart - on the 4" gun barrel with are resting on barrel; James Douglas Tremayne in row behind Kenneth Stewart, 2nd from left.




HMCS Woodstock K238

Courtesy of Grace Sidaway

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