The Ship's Bell for


HMCS SKEENA H01 / D59 / I59



The bell for HMCS SKEENA is located at RCSCC SKEENA, Port Hope, Ontario


Photos Credit: Today's Northumberland, 26 Oct 2020


The story behind the bell:  When L/SA Willard Stewart (Bill) MacRae returned to Canada after surviving the grounding and wreck of HMCS SKEENA, he brought with him the ship's bell that he entrusted to his sister Marjorie to keep the safe for him.  Bill had the bell re-finished and decided not to return it to the navy when former crew members were told they could, but were not required to, return items from the original SKEENA for placement on the SKEENA 207. Having chosen not to return the bell he left it in his sisterís care up until he gave the bell to the Burlington Naval Club before his passing. After his death, Bill's sister and her family attended the bell when it was taken down to the Burlington waterfront for ceremonies.


After the Burlington Naval Club disbanded, the bell for SKEENA ended up on HMCS HAIDA, the RCN naval museum ship in Hamilton, ON and the last surviving ship of the Canadian wartime Tribal class destroyers. When Parks Canada took over ownership of HMCS HAIDA, the bell at some point vanished, and years of searching by LT (N) Chris Barker of RCSCC SKEENA, found the bell at the CF Staff College in Toronto. After a few years of communication the bell was finally re-located to RCSCC SKEENA where it is now proudly displayed.



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