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The Ship's Bell(s) for


The bell for HMCS ONONDAGA at Naval Museum of Halifax


Names engraved on the inside of HMCS ONONDAGA's bell with dates if engraved.

Graham Gregory MacDonald
Scott David Smith
Adam Frederick Lesiuk
Kari-Alena Berglund 19 Jan 94
Christopher Archie Scott Gray
Connor Andrew MacDonald 21 Sep 97
Kaitlin Jayne Turner 21 Sep 97
Penny Marie Tindell
Joanne Toyer

Ruby-Anne Fines 23 Jun 00
Douglas Cliford James Bradshaw
Kate Lynn Fines 23 Jun 00
Brian Grant Tindell
Benjamin Mark Francois Day
Corey Trevor Pratt
Shawna Rita O'Dwyer
Angela Marie Carbary Jun 81
Scott Alan Bush


Names of those Baptized / Christened on ONONDAGA but whose names were not engraved on the bell


Tanya Marlayne Higdon - 27 May 1973


Photo of bell and names engraved on the bell courtesy of Brian Lapierre


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