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The bell and badge of HMCS Nipigon 266 and the battle honours board for HMCS Nipigon J154 / 188 are located at the Father's Point Historical Maritime Site, Rimouski, Quebec.


The three artifacts of HMCS NIPIGON in the photo above are the property of the Naval Museum of Halifax who loaned them to the Naval Sea Cadet Corps RCSCC 342 Emilien Paradis for care and custody. Following the decision to dissolve the cadet corps, it was necessary to find a place where the artifacts of HMCS NIPIGON could be displayed to the public. It was suggested and agreed upon that the artifacts would be transferred by the Naval Museum of Halifax to the Father's Point Historical Maritime Site in Rimouski, Quebec for care and custody. The former RCN submarine HMCS ONONDAGA is located at Father's Point Historical Maritime Site as a museum.  The former RCN destroyer escort HMCS Nipigon was scuttled on 22 Jul  2003 to become an artificial reef just a few kilometers away from Father's Point.




Names engraved on the ship's bell of HMCS Nipigon

Researched  / photographed /compiled by Donald Courcy





The 2nd bell of HMCS NIPIGON 266 is located at RCSCC Nipigon #341, Oromocto, NB - 27 Mar 2019

(source: 341nipigon (on twitter))


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