For Posterity's Sake         

A Royal Canadian Navy Historical Project

A Pictorial Record of HMC Ships Huron and Iroquois

Under U.N. Command 1954 - 1955

Courtesy of Ron Joyce


This book is a pictorial record of HMCS Huron and HMCS Iroquois during their 1954-1955 Korean war tour.  After the deployment, the crews of both ships submitted photos to put this book together. The copy shown here is from the collection of Ron Joyce who was a Leading Seaman radio operator (sparker) on HMCS Iroquois at the time. Ron's original book was accidentally destroyed and he had a copy made - his only copy - which he loaned to me for scanning so that it could be included here for posterity's sake.  As this is a copy of the book and not the original book, some of the photo are a bit dark, but the people can still be identified.  Ron made a few notes to go with the book and they have been added to the appropriate pages. My thanks to Ron for trusting me with this piece of his RCN history.  Yours aye  Garry.