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Lake Class Minesweepers

HMCS Pine Lake


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From "The Ships of Canada's Naval Forces 1910-1981 by Ken Macpherson and John Burgess - "These were copies of the Admiralty type, 126-foot wooden-hulled minesweepers, of which 24 were completed in east-coast yards for the RN.  Of the 16 for which orders were placed by the RCN, only 10 were completed as warships, VJ-Day having intervened, and these were transferred to the USSR.  The 3 on which work was stopped were completed for civilian use.  The remaining 3 were apparently never begun."


HMCS Alder Lake J480 - transferred to USSR 20 September 1945 as T-196


HMCS Ash Lake J481 - transferred to the Department of Mines as Cartier


HMCS Beech Lake J482 - Built at Vancouver Shipyards Ltd., she was launched on 31 May 1945. Transferred to USSR 5 February 1946 as T-200. Re-named GRS-2 in 1956


HMCS Birch Lake - J483 - completed as MV Aspy III


HMCS Cedar Lake J484 - transferred to USSR 1 November 1945 as T-197


HMCS Cherry Lake J485 - cancelled 22 October 1945


HMCS Elm Lake J486 - transferred to USSR as T-193


HMCS Fir Lake J487 - completed as mission ship Regina Polaris


HMCS Hickory Lake J488 - transferred to USSR 15 August 1945 as T-194


HMCS Larch Lake J489 - transferred to USSR 1 November 1945 as T-198


HMCS Maple Lake J490 - Ordered: 04 May 1944. Cancelled 18 Sep 1944 - (This vessel completed but not as a warship. It was sold to Norwegian whaling interests and eventually ended up in British Columbia. It ended up as a floating home at Maple Ridge on the Fraser River but sank at its moorings. Submitted by Brendan Coyle)


HMCS Oak Lake J491 - Ordered: 04 May 1944. Cancelled 18 Sep 1944


HMCS Pine Lake J492 - transferred to USSR 20 September 1945 as T-195


HMCS Poplar Lake J493 - Launched: 10 May 1945. Transferred to USSR 09 Jan 1946 as T-199 / re-named Termoskop in 1957 / re-named LOTs-83 in 1957


HMCS Spruce Lake J494 - Built by Star Shipyards Lt., New Westminster, BC. Launched 10 Jul 1945. Displacement: 360 tons; Length: 140 feet; Beam 28 ft; Draught: 12.5 feet; Armament: 2-20mm. Transferred to USSR 19 March 1946 as T-201 / re-named Kashalot in 1955


HMCS Willow Lake J495 - Built by Newcastle Shipbuilding Co. Ltd, Nanaimo, BC. Launched 27 Jul 1945. Transferred to USSR 11 March 1946 as T-202 / re-named SBR-125 in 1956