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Alvin Russell Schlosser, Air Fitter, RCN

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Alvin Russell Schlosseer, Air Fitter, RCN


Born: 26 Oct 1943   Crossed the Bar: 06 Nov 2003


VU32 (HMCS Shearwater)


HMCS Haida - volunteered for a 10 day sea famil - worked in the ship's scullery. It was the only time Alvin went to sea.


Click here to view Alvin's photos from his time during recruit training at HMCS Cornwallis in 1961

A brief summary of Alvin's service in the RCN submitted by his daughter Judy


January 1962, Alvin arrives at his new base… Warrior Block, HMCS Shearwater, Shearwater, NS for Air Trades. Alvin is now an “O.S.A.F.” Here he will be obtaining his trade and attend the N.A.M.S (Naval Air Maintenance School) There are five Air Fitters. They were given a tour and the Trackers, Banshee jets, Argus plane and Sikaraky helicopters.


Alvin loves his new post. He has a regular job from 8 am to 4:30 pm. They still have to stand duty watch on the fourth evening. During his free time they get to head down to the dance hall at Dartmouth. He tells his brother Ray, “you should see the way they do the twist out here”.


Alvin was placed with the VU 32 Squadron, where they have 24 trackers and 12 T33 jet trainers. His day starts at 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, with weekends off. He is very happy. Alvin was born to be a mechanic… he loved working on the engines.


Remember how Alvin said he was only “working out” with the boxing team? Well it finally comes out in a letter to his mother that on April 14th he will have a fight in the “Atlantic Command Boxing Tournament”. He will fighting in the Junior Welter weight class (one above the light weight class).


In his April 14, 1962 letter, he is disappointed that he won runner up to be the champion. He tells his family how he should have knocked his opponent out in the second round, but the bell went. He ended up with two black eyes and a bruised nose, but gave it back to the other guy… he got a cut on his cheek and a split lip! He was on the TV and made the papers but was very disappointment that they called him “Don” instead of “Alvin”. He assures his mom that boxing is now over for the year.


Just call him “Salty”…. May 11, 1962, he had ten days at sea on HMCS Haida. Alvin and three mates volunteer as “sculling partie”, they clean up the gallery after every meal working about four hours per day. Alvin was always looking to try new things, and that was why he volunteer… so he could see what it was like out at sea.


Newspaper clippings on Alvin's boxing career during his time in the RCN

Courtesy of Judy Malic

unknown sailors - friend's of Alvin

Courtesy of Judy Malic

Alvin and friend

Courtesy of Judy Malic

Alvin & friends at a beach party - 1963

Courtesy of Judy Malic

Alvin (left, with arm in cast) and friend - 1962

Courtesy of Judy Malic

Two of Alvin's friends - 1962

Courtesy of Judy Malic

L-R: Eric Slade Remae Urbanis Alvin - Montreal 1963

Courtesy of Judy Malic

No. 1 Servicing Crew, HMCS Shearwater, Nov 1962

Courtesy of Judy Malic