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Kenneth Alleyne Medford, DSM, RCNVR 


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Kenneth Alleyne Medford, DSM, RCNVR


Born: 14 Dec 1917   Crossed the Bar: 25 Aug 2010


MEDFORD, Kenneth Alleyne, Acting Leading Seaman (V5989) - Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) - RCNVR / HMCS Sackville - Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 21 November 1942 and London Gazette of 18 November 1942. MEDFORD. Kenneth Alleyne, V-5980, A/LS, RCNVR, DSM~[21.11.42] - "For devotion to duty and courageous service before the enemy. Acting Leading Seaman Medford, by prompt action in laying and firing the 4" gun in and engagement with a U-Boat in thick fog, caused damage to the U-Boat and thus made a substantial contribution to the result of the engagement."



Ken Medford's medals

Ken Medford's first parade at Montreal Division RCNVR, Jul 1940

Ken Medford's first pay muster - the 50 cent piece and nickel were saved as a souvenir


Letter received by Ken Medford congratulating him on his award of the DSM - but also informing him of the death of a Lancaster pilot.


The letter is from Ken's boss at CNR.  Ken took leave from CNR to join the Navy and went back to his job after the war.

Ken Medford's membership card for "The Beaver Club"

The Beaver Club was a club for Canadian's near Trafalgar Square in London

Letter to Ken Medford with a copy of his citation for the award of the DSM from The Canada Gazette


Ken Medford's annual assessment while on HMCS Sackville with comments on the back from his assessments on while on HMCS Kamloops and HMCS Wentworth


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

(1) Newspaper article on awards to crew members of HMCS Sackville after action with U-boats  (2) Ken Medford interviewed after action with U-boats  (3) Newspaper article on HMCS Sackville's action with U-boats  (4) 


(these articles are also posted in HMCS Sackville's photo gallery)

Newspaper article on Ken Medford's promotion to Petty Officer

Telegram to Ken Medford from his parents - 16 Nov 1942

CPO Ken Medford being awarded the DSM for his actions during HMCS Sackville's battle with a U-boat.

The presentation of the medal took place at HMCS Donnacona in January 1946


While serving on HMCS Sackville - "Acting Leading Seaman Medford by prompt action in laying and firing the 4" gun in an engagement with a U-boat in thick fog caused damage to the U-boat and thus made a substantial contribution to the result of the engagement."




(1 & 2) CPO Ken Medford & Capt. Campbell, CO, HMCS Donnaconna  (3) After the presentation, CPO Ken Medford, his wife Sylvia and Capt. Campbell  (4) Newspaper article from the Montreal Herald 26 Jan 1946

Ken Medford's membership card for the C&PO's mess at HMCS Donnacona 

Family that served


Top L:  Ken Medford with 1st cousin Gordon Brooks RCAF with wife Ivy. Top R: brother M. Austin Medford RCAF. Bottom L:  first cousin Eustace Heath RAF. Bottom R: Ken Medford with his brother Austin

Some of Ken Medford's wartime memorabilia




(1) Wood Hammock spreader to keep the head area open. Spike and unofficial knife (blunted as per regulation) and handmade sheath used throughout the war. The standard pusser's dirk that no one used. A blade sharpener. And his oilskin sou'wester.  (2) a lead corvette - possibly made from ship's ballast  (3) Lamp made from a 2pdr Oerlikon shell casing  (4) an ashtray made from a 4-inch shell casing

As civilian rep for the Navy League Cadet Corps NorthCrest #8, Ken Medford is shown presenting an award to S/Lt Paquette (top right) at the 1962 Annual Inspection. The Corps had a complement of up to 115 cadets and held parades at Maple Hill School, Montreal East. The corps had a 16 cadet guard (.22 rifles fitted to take spike bayonets) and a large drum and bugle band that played in many local parades of all sorts. At top left, officers in the centre of the picture are Lt Roy Barker XO and Lt Ken Hall CO , both of whom gave of tremendous time and effort over many years.

Ken Medford visits HMCS Sackville 60 years later

Source: the Trident magazine


(this is also posted in HMCS Sackville's photo gallery)

Remembrance Day ceremony / parade, Ladner, BC 2001


RNCVR cap tally given to Ken Medford by Lyle Fitzpatrick who served in the RNCVR during World War 1