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Hamilton McClymont

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Hamilton (Hammie) McClymont, Lt, RCNVR


Born: 10 Feb 1920   Crossed the Bar: 18 Sep 1975


HMCS Kings - 26 Feb 1942 - 11 Apr 1943


HMCS Buxton - 11 Nov 1942 - 01 Dec 1942


HMCS Summerside - 12 Apr 1943 - Sep 1943


HMCS Forest Hill - 31 Oct 1943 - Jul 1944


HMCS Captor II - 11 Sep 1944 - 08 Aug 1945


Naval Wedding of Hamilton (Hammie) McClymont to Zoe Cook on 24 Jan 1943 at Halifax, NS


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               (1) Falling in the Guard     (2) Bud Burbidge, Keith Huffman, Joe Roberts     (3) Archie Mackenzie, Alex Ross, Rollie Belanger


(4) "We Were Happy Too" - Alex Ross and his wife. Sadly their happiness was not to last. Lt Ross survived the sinking of HMCS St. Croix on 20 Sep 1943, only to lose his life 3 days later when the ship that rescued him, HMS Itchen, was sunk by a U-boat on 23 Sep 1943.


(5) The Bride and Groom - Zoe (Cook) McClymont and Hammie McClymont


(6) Capt. and Mrs. A.M. Hope - Capt. Hope was the Commanding Officer of HMCS Kings, Halifax, and he stood in for Zoe's father (who had been killed in an accident in 1926) in proposing the toast to the bride at the wedding.


(7) Newspaper clipping on the wedding of Lt Hamilton McClymont, RCNVR to Miss Zoe Cook. From the photo album of Joseph Roberts, Cdr, RCN(R)


** With the exception of the newspaper clipping, these photos were from the album of Lt Alex Ross, which he had left at HMCS Kings. This album is now held by the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.


Courtesy of Hammy McClymont

After the war, Hammie returned to Halifax with his family and enrolled at Dalhousie University and then NS Tech, where he graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1948 with the Governor Generalís Medal.

Courtesy of Hammy McClymont (of the two young lads in the photo, Hammy is on the left)