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Photos and Documents from the Collection of

Robert (Bob) Macklem

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Robert (Bob) Macklem


Crossed the Bar: 26 Sep 2014


HMCS Chilliwack


HMCS St. Boniface


HMCS Penetang

Robert Macklem's Torpedo History Sheet

Torpedoman Trade Certificate


Webmaster's note: This photo was most likely taken at the training base near Montreal, HMCS Hochelaga II

"The Boys"




Webmaster's note: Location unknown but believed to be Hochelaga

Souvenirs of Ireland and Bermuda

LS Robert Macklem's certificate volunteering for service in the Pacific

Inside cover of one of Robert's photo albums - note the final entry

German Pocket-Battleship Admiral Graf Spee

Damage to the Admiral Graf Spee after her battle with the British cruisers HMS Ajax, HMS Achillies and HMS Exeter during the Battle of the River Plate 13 Dec 1939

German Pocket-Battleship Admiral Graf Spee after scuttling off Montevideo 17 Dec 1939




War Savings Certificate Application

Ceremonial Divisions, HMC Dockyard, Halifax

DND / RCN photo R-1063

Surrendered U-boat (possibly U-889 or U-190)
Surrendered U-boat (possibly U-889 or U-190)



Wartime Photos of Robert Macklem


It is not known what ship or at what place ashore these photo were taken at.  For the ships it could be any of the ones Robert served in:  Chilliwack, St. Boniface or Penetang



"Chipping as usual"


"Cmon Ritchie Buck Up"

Sailors playing cards in the mess deck


"One Blue Boy Happy"

Sailors playing cards in the mess deck


Unknown sailor on the 4-inch gun


Too much oil


"Depth Charge Away"


Unknown ship laying a smoke screen




U Press of IWWP


Bob, Danny and Ken


"We were going steady"



Wartime Photo Album of Robert Macklem


This album contains all Robert's photos, postcards and sketches scanned as entire album pages, published ere for posterity's sake, courtesy of his son, Kelly Macklem.

The majority of the photos were taken during his time on HMCS Chilliwack K131. The last few pages contain family photos.

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Album cover


Wartime photos of Robert Macklem


Allied Warships and Merchant ships - some identified, some unknown

USS Vulcan

USCGC Spencer

USS Buck 420

SS Guam

Convoy Straggler

Unknown River Class Destroyer

Unknown Corvette

Merchant Aircraft Carrier (MAC)

Submarine N43

Submarine N34

Dutch Submarine

HMS Matabele

HMS Hecla

HMS Hecla

HMS Hecla

HMS Greenwich

HMS Burnham

Clemson Class Destroyer

French Destroyer

HMS Churchill I45

Clemson Class Destroyer

SS Empire Queen

HMS Caldwell I20

Wickes Class Destroyer

Unknown Corvette

Captured French Schooner

Business End of Tanker

Either HMS Rodney or HMS Nelson

Unknown ship