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Photos and Documents from the Collection of

James Arthur Hogan

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James Arthur Hogan, Submarine Detector (ASDIC Operator)


RCNVR  08 Jun 1943 - 06 Dec 1945


Born: 06 Jul 1924   Crossed the Bar: 16 Feb 1997


HMCS Bayfield  26 Aug 1944 - 24 Sep 1945


Photo: James Hogan on HMCS Bayfield, 1944

Submarine Detector trade badge for James Hogan

Courtesy of Eileen St. Coeur

Naval Training and Active Service Record of James Hogan

Courtesy of Eileen St. Coeur

C.N.S. 264 for James Hogan

This form is a report of conduct that is filled out when a member is transferred to a new unit and sent with the member's documents

Courtesy of Eileen St. Coeur