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Sidney Robert Dobing, RN, RCN

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Sidney Robert Dobing, RN, RCN


Born: 14 Apr 1922   Crossed the Bar: 29 Sep 2013


HMS Mashona, HMCS Ottawa H60, HMCS Pictou, HMCS Antigonish, PTC 724 (HMCS Elk), HMCS Digby, HMCS Athabaskan, HMCS Margaree


Photo 1 - AB Sid Dobing - 1940   Photo 2 - CPO Sid Dobing - 1948


Sid survived the sinking of HMS Mashona on 28 May 1941. HMS Mashona had taken part in the search and destruction of the German battleship Bismarck. The Luftwaffe attacked British naval units that were returning home and Mashona was sunk. Her survivors were picked up by HMS Tartar. Two year later Sid survived the sinking of HMCS Ottawa H60. He said being on deck was an advantage, you definitely did not want to be in the engine room.


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Courtesy of Brian Dobing

ID Card for AB Sidney Dobing, RCN

Postcard - The Broadway, Sheerness-on-sea

Postcard - The Beach, Sheerness

Postcard - The Pier, Sheerness

Postcard - The Esplanade, Sheerness

Postcard - Seaford Esplanade, Sussex

Postcard - Marine Parade, Sheerness

"Uncle Jim's Hotel Glass House"

Postcard - Minister Abbey Church with new Lych Gate - Isle of Sheppey

HM Dockayard, Sheerness

Sid Dobing

Sid Dobing (left), Cousin Harry Howe and Uncle Harry Howe (back), Lewisham, Aug 1939


"I took this many years ago, I thought it might remind you Brookbank Rd"

Sid Dobing at HMS Wildfire, Sheerness, Kent, Boys Training Establishment, Summer 1939

Dormitory at HMS Wildfire


"Notice how we keep our clothes. We keep our cases in the racks on the left."

Gymnasium at HMS Wildfire

Ceremony of Colour at HMS Wildfire


"Every morning the White Ensign is hoisted. The guard presents arms and the band plays. We will be guard about 3 weeks before we go."

The Mess as HMS Wildfire


"This is how the mess is laid out after we have finished a meal. There is a tea urn, a fanny for poridge, and a kettle for general use. Each mess has its own bucket. Notice how everything shines. This kept very clean by the boys themselves."

Tom Phillips and Sid Dobing, Boy Seamen at HMS Wildfire, Jul 1939

HMS Mashona


"Going down the Jacobs ladder from the shipís boom to enter the shipís whaler, the boat in which we went sailing - 1940"

HMS Mashona a sea - 1940


"Some of my messmates taken in front of one of the shipís 4.7 inch guns. Left to right: Myself, Fred Bliss, missing presumed drowned, a former classmate from Wildfire, Gordon Sawyer, wounded during the action and also a Wildfire classmate, John McLeod, a messmate and survivor, from Newcastle."

HMS Mashona

Taken from the shipís bridge, looking forward.


"A calm sea, so imagine what it is like during rough weather. The ship was rolling, that is why the photo looks like it is on an angle"

HMS Mashona

Sid Dobing (Bosun's Mate) and Allan Darby (Quartermaster) - 1940-41


"Myself in 1940. I am wearing the chain and bosun call rather than the white lanyard normally worn with Number 1 uniform. It indicates that I am a member of the gangway staff when on duty in harbour."

HMS Mashona's last minutes


Sid Dobing was one of the survivors of HMS Mashona


Historical note: "HMS Mashona took part in operations resulting in the sinking of the Bismarck on 27 May 1941. She came under heavy air attack from the Luftwaffe while returning to port the following day, and was bombed and sunk off the coast of Galway with the loss of 48 men. HMS Tartar took the survivors to Greenock."

Sailing in Scapa Flow, I believe I am holding the stems of some large plants that we found when we went  ashore.  

Sailing at Scapa Flow, Sick Bay Petty Officer J. Hall, near the rear of the boat without a cap, was in charge. Able Seaman Ed. Small, a classmate from training in Wildfire is at the front and has a cigarette in his mouth. I am to right looking outboard. I canít remember the names of the others but I believe one was a Supply rating.

AB Sid Dobing - 1940

Alfred, Sid and Alice Dobing - 1941

Mr. McCauley (Harry's father) and Sid Dobing in Woodroofe (Ottawa) - Summer 1942

Unknown ship with barrage balloon

Two unknown ships fueling at sea.


Note the 2 black and 1 white band on the funnel of the frigate.

Unknown sailing vessel

Unknown man and woman with Sid Dobing (right)

AB Sid Dobing, Halifax 1942

Mrs. Gilbert, landlady at 147 Henry St., Halifax - 1943

Don Sims at Mrs. Gilbert's place, 147 Henry St., Halifax - 1943

Sid Dobing at Mrs. Gilbert's place, 147 Henry St., Halifax - 1943

Sid Dobing and Jean Richardson - summer 1943

Sid Dobing in Halifax, Winter 1943-44

Sid Dobing at Rita Morrisey's house - 17 Mar 1944

At Rita Morrisey's house - 17 Mar 1945


Bill Snider, Joe Kirchoff, Cox'n of HMCS Winnipeg and Sid Dobing

At Rita Morrisey's house - 17 Mar 1945

Sid Dobing at Harrison's - Summer 1945

"Ossie" Owsanski and Sid Dobing - downtown Victoria 1946

Ship's Company Dance at Crystal Garden, Victoria - 1946

Smoker at HMCS Givenchy - 1946


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Leadership course at HMCS Naden


Course Officer Lt R. Thurber - 1946

Bonney and Sid Dobing on their honeymoon, Vancouver, Aug 1947

HMS Matabele F26

HMCS Fraser, HMCS Margaree, HMCS Skeena - 1959

Ship'S Dance, Hotel McAlpin, New York, 06 Jul 1944

Don Sims in Halifax

The Royal Canadian Navy - Well-Baby Health Services


Diet No. 2

Tot time on an unknown ship