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HMCS Micmac's bell on display at the Camp Hill Veteran's Hospital, Halifax, NS




The names on the bell (based on the photos) are transcribed below.  Where a name or date is not clear, (?) has been put beside the entry.


Baxter, John Wayne - 13(?) Apr 1947

Chassels, Wendy Jane - 25 Jun 1947

Potter, Lynda Jean - 13 Jul 1947

Brodie, Margaret Jean - 23 Apr 1950

Lea, Janet Elizabeth - 23 Apr 1950

Brooks, Michael James - 18 Jun 1950

Cox, Russell Robert - 20 Aug 1950

Hunter, Ian Robert - 18 Feb 1951

German, Richard Barry - 04 Mar 1951

Jones, Karen Ann - 23 Mar 1954

Okros, Allan Charles - 23 Mar 1954

Mann, Stephanie Margaret - 23 Mar 1954

Norris, Heather Ann - 23 Oct 1954

MacKinnon, Carol Ann - 27 Mar 1955

Norris, Brenda Lee - 07 Aug 1955

Russell, Robert Brian - 07 Aug 1955

Devlin, Terance Norman - 16 Aug(?) 1956

Nash, John Reid - 03 Feb 1957

Jones, Carol Vivienne - 26 May 1957

Brian (?), Marilyn Louise - 28 Jul 1959

Carter, Shelly Louise - 01 May 1960

Jackson (?), Lynne Christine - 20 Nov 1960

Bunch, William Ralph - 18 Dec 1960

Bunch, Kimberly-Jewel - 18 Dec 1960

Bunch, Wendy Anne - 18 Dec 1960

Bunch, Barry Owen - 18 Dec 1960

Allen, Lawrence Bruce - 18 Dec 1960

Brodie (?), Graeme (?) Alexander - 29 Jan 1961?

Berryman, Kevin John - 14 Apr 1963

Clarke Sandra Jane - 28 Jan 1964

Littlefair, Sandra Nadine - 07 Mar 1964

Berryman, Edlin Bruce - 15 Mar 1964



Courtesy of Guy Godin


The Launching of HMCS Micmac

The Winnipeg Evening Tribune 20 Sep 1943

Tribal class destroyer HMCS Micmac launched from Halifax shipyards on 18 September 1943

Source John F. Rogers NSARM accession no. 1995-370 no. 13

Wartime ad - HMCS MICMAC

Source: Canada's War at Sea - published Montreal 1944

Courtesy of Dennis Cardy

HMCS Micmac during builder's trials

From the collection of Harry Seright

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

HMCS Micmac in drydock at Halifax, June 1945

HMCS Micmac R10

From the collection of William Connor

Courtesy of Jason Salter

HMCS Micmac R10 circa 1946-1947

Photo taken from HMCS Warrior

From the collection of George Crewe

Courtesy of Catherine Crewe

HMCS Micmac

Photo taken from HMCS Bonaventure

Source: Under the Cat

HMCS Micmac 214, Hamburg, Germany, 1957

Photo by Bruce Drope from the Collection of John Rochon

HMCS Micmac 214

From the photo collection of Lt VS Curry, CD, RCN (Ret'd)

Courtesy of Gerry Curry

From the collection of Eugene Miller

Courtesy of Rene Miller

(To see photos of the 1951 Mediterranean cruise, see HMCS Magnificent's photo gallery)

HMCS Micmac 214, Naples, Italy - 1951

From the collection of Eugene Miller

Courtesy of Rene Miller

HMCS Micmac 214 - taken from HMCS Magnificent

Courtesy of Gerald Sullivan

HMCS Micmac 214 refueling from HMCS Magnificent

Courtesy of Francis Dowdall who was a crane operator during this refueling

Canadian Special Service Squadron Certificate for 1950

HMCS Magnificent, HMCS Micmac, HMCS Huron

Courtesy of John Hawley

Postcard showing the Canadian Special Service Squadron Cruise - 1950

Courtesy of Francis Dowdall

HMCS Huron with HMCS Micmac outboard - possibly 1951

It is believed this photo was taken in New York when Huron was enroute for Korea and Micmac was her consort for the first part of the journey.

From the collection of Reg (Smokey) Rhymes

Courtesy of Gordon Rhymes

HMCS Micmac at San Miguel, Azores

Courtesy of Gordon Stewart

HMCS Micmac 214 arriving at (what is believe to be) Belfast, Ireland

Courtesy of Gordon Stewart

Sailors off HMCS Micmac ashore at US Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Courtesy of Gordon Stewart

Art Moore (left) and shipmate Pat Moore, London, 1962

HMCS Micmac 214

Courtesy of Art Moore

April/May 1951 - HMCS Micmac 214 conducting a stern fueling with HMCS Magnificent in the Southern Caribbean Sea

"Fueling Micmac in a way it is done in convoys. Hose capped, pumped full of air and floated astern, Micmac picks up hose, secures it and pumping begins. Seems the hose had a small puncture in it."

Courtesy of Gerald Sullivan

Invitation for HMCS Micmac ship's company dance - 25 Feb 1963

Courtesy of Art Moore

Invitation for HMCS Micmac ship's company dance - 21 Nov 1963

Courtesy of Art Moore

HMCS Micmac 214

Courtesy of Art Moore

Newspaper article, dated 26 Sep 1963, on Algonquin's and Micmac's visit to Stockholm. The first RCN ship's to do so since 1957

Courtesy of Art Moore

Micmac sailors at Art Moore's place circa 1963

Courtesy of Art Moore


If you can identify any of the people in this photo, please send me an EMAIL so I can add their names here

Gerald (Jerry) Sullivan


RCN - Dec 1949 - 03 Feb 1955


HMCS Ontario (Jun 1950 - Feb 1951), HMCS Magnificent (Mar 1951 - Jan 1952) (Mar 1952 / Jan 1954), HMCS Micmac (Apr 1954 - Aug 1954)


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