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Oberon Class Basic Submarine Course # 49



Basic Submarine Course # 49 - 12 Jan 1976 - 20 Feb 1976

Submitted by Brian Lapierre


(1) Park, R., CPO2  (2) Ewan, M., LCdr  (3) Bell, J., Cdr  (4) Lake, R., PO1  (5) Limouges, R., LS  (11) Murray, M., LS  (12) Cruickshank, G., LS  (14) Smith, C., AB  (15) Brown, T., LS  (16) Karney, D., AB  (17) Elliot, K., AB

Others that were on the course but # not identified:  LS D. Andrews,  CPL J. Benson,  LS G. Beyler,  AB I. Jardine,  CPL D. Racine,  AB D. Richardson,  LS B. Uhrig