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Algonquin under construction in dry dock at Davies Shipbuilding Company, Quebec - summer 1971

Courtesy of Richard Larcheveque

HMCS Algonquin communicators circa 1974

Courtesy of Art Fallas


Front row: (L-R)Art Fallas, Doug Rainville, Terry Nehiley

Second Row: (L-R)  Ted Kendall (POTEL), ?, Slt Creber, Harry Coleman

Third row (standing): (L-R) Larry Cayen, PO Green, Keith Gerrard (top half of head showing behind PO Green), Joe Burgoyne, Butch O'Brian, ?, Harry Israel, Norm Brooks, Jean Guy Gilbert, Keith Lawson, Roger Doucet

On top of locker: Candy Kane

Inclination Trials Gone Wrong - 15 Nov 1991


After coming out of refit, HMCS Algonquin was conducting alongside trials, which included inclination trials involving "tilting" the ship by flooding ballast tanks.  It was discovered (afterwards) that the covers on the tanks were not properly secured and it resulted in major flooding.  Algonquin's damage control teams as well as crews and equipment from other nearby ships managed to stop the flooding and keep her afloat.




Two newspaper articles on the "List Trial" on HMCS Algonquin that went wrong on 15 Nov 1991




Photos courtesy of Jarrod David

"5th Birthday Party for HMCS Algonquin in 1978 with Commander Westrop"

Courtesy of Robyn Buffett

HMCS Algonquin 283 (pre-TRUMP)

Gunshield art on HMCS Algonquin 283 circa 1984-86 painted by Norman Vanasse

Courtesy of Norman Vanasse

Detainee being hand over to USN authorities

HMCS Algonquin detained two men encountered during one of the many patrols as a part of OP Apollo in 2002. The 2 detainees were embarked by the Jacob's ladder shortly after sunset. They were held overnight before handing over to the USN at dawn the next morning.

HMCS Algonquin 283 - OP APOLLO 2002 Deployment

Courtesy of Steve Hutchings

Chief's and Petty Officer's beach party held in Samoa - 2002

HMCS Algonquin 283 - OP APOLLO 2002 Deployment

Courtesy of Steve Hutchings

Newspaper article on HMCS Algonquin 283 entering Halifax for the first time on 15 Nov 1973

Courtesy of Art Fallas

HMCS Algonquin returning to Esquimalt, BC, 31 Aug 2013, after her collision with HMCS Protecteur on 30 Aug 2013




Courtesy of  Gail Hartman

Series of photos showing the damage to the hangar of HMCS Algonquin after her collision with HMCS Protecteur on 30 Aug 13




Courtesy of Craig Forsberg

HMCS Protecteur (left) and HMCS Algonquin (right)

Damage caused after the two ships collided on 30 August 2013 during a TOWEX while en route to the International Fleet Review in Australia.

Source: Maritime Forces Pacific facebook page

The Naval Ensign being lowered on HMCS Algonquin 283 for the final time during her paying off ceremony - 11 Jun 2015

DND Photo

The former HMCS Algonquin is on its final journey, 09 May 2016, from CFB Esquimalt to Port Mersey Commercial Park, Liverpool, N.S. to be broken up.

Image by: Leading Seaman David Gariépy ET2016-0150-03.NEF ©2016 DND – MDN Canada

The former HMCS Algonquin in the breaker's yard at Liverpool, NS, 25 Jun 2017. The superstructure mostly gone, the demolition begins on her hull.

Courtesy of Jarrod David

The former HMCS Algonquin 283 at the breaker's yard of R.J. MacIsaac Construction, Port Mersey Commercial Park, Liverpool, NS





Courtesy of / © Chris Young 2017