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Commemorative Coins



HMCS ATHABASKAN G07 Commemorative Coin


HMCS Athabaskan G07 was commissioned on 03 Feb 1943 and was sunk in battle on 29 Apr 1944 off the coast of France.  The ship's badge was designed by a member of her crew, but before it could be mounted on the ship she was lost in action.  Her captain and 128 officers and men were lost, 83 taken prisoner, and 44 rescued by HMCS Haida.  Her badge was used as the basis for the ship's badge for HMCS Athabaskan 2nd and 3rd of name.


The cost will be $18 per coin, which will include shipping anywhere in Canada. To get more information on how to order an Athabaskan commemorative coin, please email -  Please put ATHABASKAN G07 COIN in the subject line.


It is estimated the coins will be available by 30 June 2019.

HMCS Haida Commemorative Coin


The Haida commemorative coin represents the Haida's two commissionings - her WW2 commission and her post-war commission.  The front of the coin has her name and two pennant/pendant numbers, her unofficial wartime badge and the accolade "Canada's Fightingest Ship", given to her due to her large number of WW2 surface actions.  The back of the coin has the unofficial motto of the RCN as the Haida did not have a ship's motto, her post wartime badge, an image of the ship and her period of service from the start of her first commission till the end of her second.


The cost is $18 per coin, which includes shipping anywhere in Canada.  To get more information on how to order a Haida commemorative coin, please email -   Please put HAIDA COIN in the subject line.